My SEO Philosophy

how to screenshot from Google recommendations

What differentiates between SEO specialists is their own philosophy and how they see SEO. I’m sharing with you my SEO philosophy, mine is simple and straight forward, only 3 main pillars. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong it’s just my SEO philosophy.

My main 3 pillars:

  1. It’s for users: to provide users with valuable content
  2. It’s for robots: to make it super clear for search engines bots to easily crawl & index your pages
  3. It’s for the business: to grow organic revenue $$

1. It’s for the users — provide valuable content

This pillar is about delivering true value to the users and make them stay in our ecosystem after landing at one of our pages as “Entry points”. this is when you should ask yourself or the client? What are your values? What’s your core business is about? I also ask the client “If there is 1 URL we can drive organic traffic to it and you will have a visitor who has no idea about your business or brand, what this URL would be?

One of the biggest aha moments for the SEO team at Mindvalley in May 2019, when we received a mail saying “I’d like to thank Mindvalley to save my life, literally.

You see I found you while I was googling for poison, yes I was planning a suicide attempt for the second time!….” That day I got so emotional about SEO and since that day I’m considering any project — especially the ones that have a social impact is an opportunity to deliver a message to this unknown audience that might bounce from your page if it’s not loading fast enough, or it has broken images or links…etc it’s that window that you can share your message with SEO and I’m always trying to make it the best-added value as much as I can from tech SEO side.

Example of How to suggestions

Example of How to suggestions

how to screenshot from Google recommendations

2. It’s for robots 🤖, Search engines Bots

Following Google updates and being adaptable to the Google algorithms updates is a major pillar on my SEO philosophy. It’s as simple as that, I want to be at Google, so I should follow Google’s best practices and updates.


Google evergreen bot

As I’m working on weekly and monthly reports, I’m not only waiting for Google bot or bing bot to tell me how I performing, I also need to keep the other tools in mind and take the SEO and TECH SEO reports seriously. For example, Deepcrawl report reported me at July 2020 that one of our new sub-domains has 100,000 URLs and the crawler budget reached its limit on this audit, and it turned out to be a canonicalization issue between 6000 dynamic generated URLs, so if I waited for Google to check this and index all those bad URLs my whole site structure and URLs would be a mass, so we took immediate action and fixed it, on that cases I’m literally dealing with the pages as robots in binary with Zeros and Ones.

how to screenshot from Google recommendations

3. It’s for the business 💰

This pillar wasn’t important at the beginning for me, I was a tech specialist who is trying to deliver the best UX and implement the tech SEO checklist and make sure we are getting the best score being realistic with all the challenges and the business priorities. But when I saw how business is oriented around revenue and how much you are making, and Other stakeholders will listen to you when you say you know we can do 2X the revenue if implemented this strategy and you get more credibility after getting +2X in revenue by executing the strategy.

On that note, I also have a comment for content writers who write great content that rank at the first result on Google search results, but it has nothing to do with the business or the related articles and this point when the business owners start to feel SEO is not important and doesn’t’ add value to the business but it’s a waste of company resources. And I totally understand where the business owner comes from. he/she has thousands of other things to take care but he wants a clear measurable metrics if I reported that we have 10 million impressions and 2 million clicks and the revenue is Zero — from a business perspective it’s not added value or a justification why we need to invest money on it, so it’s very important to grow and report the organic revenue as the ROI of SEO.

organic revenue

organic revenue