Optimization Is A Mindset — Mustafa Elnagar

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This is my favorite quote when I’m starting a project to optimize a platform or product for technical SEO or performance 🚀

Most of the time marketers think I’m a magician who gives a magic touch to the product and BOOM 💥 It’s optimized! But it’s totally not true, It takes the whole stakeholders on this product to be aware of what I’m doing and optimizing to keep this optimization benchmark always up to the industry standards.

In this big picture, I made a space for almost everyone who is touching the product until it goes live, and here is why I see each stakeholder is a must to involve him/her on the optimization process as early as possible.

The main stockholders who should be on the optimization process


Marketers should start asking themselves: Do I really need these 3rd parties libraries?

3rd parties scripts that come from 3rd parties integrations are one of the main killers for optimization and unfortunately, sometimes marketers have no clue why we are keeping this integration(s) but s/he wants to keep it in case s/he wanted to use it on the future.

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Data Analysts

Without data, we are blind. It’s as simple as that. as the whole tech SEO and optimization is based on data, having a data analysts on this process of setting up optimization as a culture is also a must because by the end of the quarter we need to tie our optimization efforts to numbers and we need to report the value of the whole optimization process and the data analysts are the one who will provide this data.
on that note, if you are interested to know my SEO philosophy you can check out this article

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Most of the time designers need to be fancy and show their skills on the designs but guess what? data-driven design is what we need to set up the optimization as a culture. That means if a designer going to add 1 button we need to understand in data what’s the value of this button.

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Those guys are the gladiators behind the scene, those who automate the deployments and handle all the server-side traffic and make sure our platform is matured should be fully aware of the whole product features to be able to provide the best infrastructure with the best cost-effective.

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Front End And Backend

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Those are the first row on the optimization squad who build our entry point with the users, and I genuinely believe those are the most effective stack-holder on the whole optimization process as by having them on board, they will start questioning everything… Why we need this library? Why we need this Iframe?…etc

For Everyone — Questioning

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In the end, to co-elevate, the optimization as a culture every stakeholder on the process should start questioning each stakeholder why we need to do this?

Why? is the first step to setup optimization as a culture and build the mindset of optimization.

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Originally published at https://mustafaelnagar.com on September 19, 2020.